Hi, my name is Tobias LaMontagne.

I am the owner & operator of Zap!Film, LLC


Yup, that's right! It's just me. Zap!Film is a single-member business.
Now you might be thinking, "how does that work?"
It's simple, really. I've always loved film. Everything about it. And from a very young age I've been experimenting with cameras, computers and sound. Always striving to improve, and learn as much as I can. Fast-forward to age 18, I was just beginning to venture into professional work. And with that came a decision; this was truly how I wanted to be spending my time and efforts. I was beginning to better understand the business side of film, and so the choice was made. In March of 2018, Zap!Film was born! Since then I have been working tirelessly to build this company, and spread the knowledge of the services I offer. I truly believe that video is essential to almost every business and individual out there.
So, what is my goal? What drives my company?
Learn more below about the long-term changes I want to make with Zap!Film.


Zap!Film is on a mission to bridge the gap between high-cost studio production, and the everyday consumer searching for an affordable and professional video solution. 
A history of creative filmmaking and problem solving, paired with the flexibility that a single-member business provides, allows Zap! to deliver high quality visuals to clients across the board.
Moving forward it remains my goal to bring real, professional video services to those who ordinarily would't know where to start, or if they could even afford it at all.
It's my belief that video should be simple, fun and most importantly, accessible to everyone.

Interested in working together?

Drop me a line and let's chat!


Commercial Video

Music Video

Advertisements & Promo

Narrative, Post-Production.

Social Media Video

Your Social Media presence is important. Video has been proven to boost engagement and drive traffic.

Video Plans

Hire Zap! to manage your video needs entirely. Simple Monthly Plans available.


With 5+ years of experience, Zap! offers professional Post services for almost any project type.


Let's discuss your creative vision.

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