Zap!Film offers production of

Music Videos, Lyric Videos, & Visualizers


Q: Will you create a concept for my video, or do I need an idea before coming to you?

A: We will work with you to create the best video possible for your music, whether you have a complete concept or not.

Q: How does the payment process work?

A: Total project cost is agreed upon before production begins. That way you know exactly how much you're going to be spending right upfront. Payment is made in three stages throughout work on the project.

1: A 50% deposit before production begins.

2: At roughly the halfway point during production, we will check in and review the work thus far. If all is satisfactory and still following the agreed upon terms; we will request another 25% payment.

3: Upon final delivery of the video, the last 25% would be requested.

Q: How much will my video cost?

A: Every project varies in cost depending on a wide range of factors. Please feel free to get in touch with us here, and request a quote for your video.

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